GHNP logo

The proposed branding solution for promoting GHNP as UNESCO World Heritage Site

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Great Himalayan National Park is a huge resource for tourism and scientific research but has historically been under-utilised. We have proposed to completely rebrand the park and promote it accordingly. Key challenges we had:

  1. Re-design of the park's identity
  2. Provision of information on GHNP to the general public
  3. Unification of all aspects of the park’s branding
  4. Resolution of confusion among the general public regarding the GHNP’s ownership
  5. Re-direction of tourism generated by the park away from large commercial operators and back to the local community

Integration of World Heritage Site brand with existing identity

Integration of World Heritage Site brand with existing identity

Process of vectorization of the logo

The original low-resolution, un-editable logo couldn’t be adapted in different print and digital media. We recreated the vector logo from scratch using a high-resolution photo. The logo now fits well into variously shaped of containers.

Identity variations

We divided the logo into a symbol and logotype, for convenient use across different platforms.

Symbol/ brand mark use

Examples of symbol and brand mark usage on website and mobile app profiles.


GHNP and UNESCO WHS logo use on all official communication.

Color codes

Primary and secondary colour codes for all GHNP printed and digital publications.

Color codes


GHNP’s administrators had no working font copy, so we re-sourced and redesigned it to match the new logotype.

Unified brand identity

We designed GHNP’s official website to smoothly present information on the park’s vast repository of flora and fauna across digital platforms of all screen sizes, using text, graphics, photos and videos.

Online presence

Presentation templates

GHNP graphics templates for corporate presentations, proposals, reports, etc.

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