Brand Identity Design
Logo | Collateral design 
Identity Design for a Real Estate Investment Group based in Canada
Radix Investment Group
A real estate investment and developer company
with a visions to position themselves as a luxurios brand in 
the market segment. 

The need was to create an identity that can be established as
a legacy to pass on to the  nect generation, the same way as the
current generations has recived it from the previous. 

Word ‘Radix’ in general means root or the source of  something.
The idea
Color Pallete
Headline Font
Serif font to give the name a solid and everlasting look which sits firmly on a  plane; signifying relaible, long lasting and confident looking structures  by Radix Investment Group
Paragraph Fonts
Simple and san-serif font for good readability, clear title and paragraph segmentation to make the lengthy property documents and agreements seem comfortable to read.
Initial Sketches
Initial Concepts