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MTB Arunachal, a cross country mountain bike race in Arunchal Pradesh, India
MTB Arunachal is the first ever cross country mountain bike race held in the state of Arunachal, India. Its first edition took place in October 2017. We were approached by the race organisers to develop an identity from the scratch , as this race was expected to be one of the first of its kind.

The unexplored adventures in the pristine beauty of the mountain landscapes of Arunachal is what MTB Arunachal offers to an athlete.  Hornbill being state bird of Arunachal was the inspiration pot to surround the branding around. The race is taglined as “MTB Arunachal - Hornbill’s flight” ;  explore Arunachal with an Hornbill’s flight. 
Our concept design evolved from the tagline itself - “ Mountain biking in Arunachal is like an hornbill’s flight“ ; and revolved around the idea to end up with a union of MTB wheel and the hornbill in flight .
font in its italic style sync very well with the  inclination of the mountains in Arunachal. The first letter ‘M’ and ‘A’ makes a symmetrical slope of a mountain.
The logo shape being derived out of the bird  hornbill, the brand color were supposed to be around the colors of the bird. Although the species of  an hornbill are many, so does the color on their body. 

The color palette of yellow, orange and black is in the most beautiful species of the hornbill.  And interestingly, the colors also fits very well with the race mood and its branding application on various places. 

Yellow-orange  shade is energetic,young  and filled with adrenaline rush. Orange, and yellow  colors has considerably high visibility in the mostly green landscape of the Arunachal. 
Other Variants
Styles with changes in fonts, colors and  shapes at minor level