Himachal EcoTourism Society
Logo Design
Eco-tourism Society of Himachal Pradesh is a government body under the Himachal Pradesh Forest Department, Govt of Himachal Pradesh which is dedicated to promoting ecotourism and its related activities in the state
Logo Design
The idea was to give an holistic and friendly approach to the Eco Tourism Society of Himachal Pradesh. The name 'eco-tourism' itself encourages the existence of natural environment in its  own sustainable form. Seeing the vast commercialisation of the nature oriented tourism, the role of Eco Tourism society is to preserve and protect the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the state of Himachal Pradesh and provide opportunities to promote community based eco tourism, thereby generating revenue for the State. 
The design challenge was to include the four main pillars of the Eco Tourism - community, nature, wildlife and culture into a one common shape, yet keeping the shape simple, clean and easy to implement in all branding platforms, be it a latest mobile app or the old traditional hadn't drawn signboards and information desks.
Alternative Logos
Eco Tourisn Society of Himachal Pradesh is a Govt undertaking, their existing logo was similar to other government organisations. Since the organisation had plans of collaborating and partnering with national and international entities, they wanted a more contemprary logo that, although simplistic, represented the organisation’s modern outlook and approach towards nature and environment. Keeping these values and requirements at forefront an alternative design was created for the client. 
Adding the colours of the existing colour scheme  of the department, we tried to include maximum required  elements, yet keeping the complexity to the simplest form. 

And it invited fixing things here and there , reducing and adding one or other element - with a sole aim of making it feel open and inclusive. 
Coloured Variations 
Client’s requirement clearly detailed various elements that were to be included in the logo. Our initial logo concepts tried to include all these elements in their usual form but it was creating a very busy design which was not ideal for a logo.  In order to maintain the legibility of the logo we further broke down this elements into simplified shapes and that is how the final logoform was conceived.

The final version

Clean , Simple and Elegant​​​​​​​