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Landing Page Design
Landing Page  |  SEM Campaign | Digital Marketing
INCO Business Group, a Netherlands based company working on overseas and offshore business incorporatio  through thier networking events at various locations across the world.  

The objective was to design and develop a landing page for the Google SEA and SEM campaign.  Once the target user clicks on the ads on google search results, the visitor lands on the landing page of the event which was designed specifically for registration purpose.

The Layout
The layout of the page was divided into three screens to target different yet interlinked set of audience and give out as much information as possible. 
Screen 1
About the  Google Search Ad
Screen 2
About the event, for which the google ad was started
Screen 3
About the event organiser and the services offered
The Call-to-action

The call-to-actions were used to let user sign-up to download a free incorporation guide and register for the event.  Section specific CTAs were placed on each screen which were eventually ending at the same destination.

​​​​​​​Hence, targeting multiple audience to land at a single sign-up button.

Mobile ready
As 60%  fo the target audience of the client was on mobile, it was very important to have the mobile ready version. Being a content heavy landing page (which was a must required), adjusting the long copy on the mobile device was a challenging task.  
The flow
We  took the  advantage of horizontal element scrolling on mobile to add some interaction to the lengthy textual content.